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hey i was wondering if when we auditioned for your dr2 panel if you wanted us in cosplay or just in normal clothes? thanks c:

Cosplay would be ideal but if it’s not totally done then just the wig and a nice outfit is fine!

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I hope my shitty graphic got your attention because this is pretty important!

Hey everyone! AAC 2014 is just around the corner and I have once again submitted my Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Ask Panel for the con! Yay!

The only characters I have casted are Nanami (me) and Hinata (my friend jackppattillo, a.k.a. someone who’s around to keep me sane throughout this process).

So that’s where I need you guys! I’m looking for your auditions!

"But Diana," you say, "how do I go about auditioning?"

Hold your horses, dear friend of mine, I will absolutely tell you!

What I need you to do is submit a video of you answering the questions below either IN COSPLAY or in PARTIAL COSPLAY to, either a link to YouTube or the video itself.

Please also include an attachment of you in FULL COSPLAY or progress pics of something that is at least 50-75% DONE.

I even bolded the important parts for you.

Now for the questions:

1.) If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

2.) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why?

3.) Your most redeeming quality/talent BESIDES your Super High School Level?

4.) What makes you think you would survive the school life of mutual killing?

5.) Describe life before the Academy for you.

You can pick three out of five or answer all of them I don’t care honestly.

The deadline for auditions will be OCTOBER 12 but they will be EXTENDED in the case of a small/non-existent cast. The cast list will be posted on FB and on Tumblr on OCTOBER 15.

I will love you so much if you get auditions in quickly. So much.

UPDATE: The panel HAS been accepted and is on track for SATURDAY at 4:30! Yippee!!

That’s about it. If you plan on auditioning you can message me here or on my Facebook Page and I can add you to the group on Facebook OR you can just tell me who you’re auditioning for (do that!!).

Finally, I’ll be reblogging this a lot. SIGNAL BOOST this if you can, and if you can’t stand the sight of it you can blacklist the tag #sdr2panelaac ! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I look forward to seeing all of your auditions! :)




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I’ll be at table #817 with Ybee and Rachiwi.


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